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I've been curious about this group known as Masons.  They seem to be respectable, yet have much earthly wealth and power and operate in secrecy.

My gut reaction was that this could not be something our Lord Jesus could encourage his children to participate in. However, a deacon in my church has been involved in activities with them, how could he if it was not acceptable?

I talked to some members who were never very specific in their answers, so I continued to have doubts.

Thanks to your information I know what I need to and I will not be involved with those who advance the devil's causes.


Dear Sirs,

I feel very sorry for you people. The obvious distortions you have towards life in your present Mind/Body/Spirit complexes are very abound. It's amazing how all the teachings of Jesus have been distorted to this degree.  Through judging these people as not properly following the word of God, you actually judge yourself.

You should realize that we are all one, everything is one, all religions are one. For we are all part of the One infinite Creator. Therefore if we are created as part of God, by God, how can anything not be of God?

I think that you need to do a little soul searching yourselves before you speak out against others in such a way.

In Love and Light,
Rev. Barry Cripps
I'd like to thank you for putting this website together. My father is a Mason and wants me to join his lodge. I became a Christian last year. I don't know much about Masons but had a hunch that I might not agree it with it somehow. He wouldn't tell me much about what they believed just that I would have to join to find out. He says that he would like me join because all the men in his family have. I hadn't planned on it, but I certainly will not after some of the things I learned from reading through your web pages.


Dear Sir,

I find your website to be appalling. Using the Bible to spread hate toward Masons, you should be ashamed. You are not the Christian you claim to be.  You know nothing about the Free and Accepted Masons. You are the one who is evil.

I am so pleased to have found this information on Masons. I was once talked into joining Masonic Lodge. I felt very uneasy all the time I was going through this, but no-one explained to me why I should not join. It sounded like a good organization and the list of people who have belonged is impressionable to many. I am putting together a study for the men of our church as to why we need to stay away from this organization. I had a Mason handbook when I memorized all the junk in it, but I threw it away after I realized what I had got myself into. (I should have been memorizing Bible verses instead of that trash). I really feel a need to expose this and maybe that is why the Lord allowed me to go through all the rituals. Thanks again.

L. E.


I stumbled upon your page Ex-Masons for Jesus.  As I am a Mason I find it quite amazing that, you have so much against Masonry.  As well as being a pagan, I follow a path that promotes peace and harmony, I find it unconstitutional that people can criticize a person for following what he or she feels is correct.

We're in the midst of this battle in our church, and my newly-baptized brother-in-law has just been "sucked in". He is very impressionable, and was really starting to grow in Christ when this happened.

I appreciate your website, and the information it's provided me. Please pray for his eyes to be opened.


To pronounce others as not abiding in God is the height of presumptuous-ness.  You should listen to yourself pronouncing divine truths as if they were political slogans. It's maddening, because it's so easy to talk. But of course talk is cheap, and what you say is just like anything else......only words. Please do not condemn others with such a sure judgment. It is not very becoming, and is surely hateful and dividing.


My Grandfather was a 33rd Deg. Mason, and at one point about 4 or 5years ago I actually considered joining the fraternity. What changed my mind was the forum on CompuServe.

Reading some of the writings from the Masons on the forum caused me to look further into the philosophy and ideals of the masons, and I made the decision to stay away.

In my teens, I practiced astrology heavily and was what would probably best be described as a "junior occultist", and much of Freemasonry seemed to be taken from the pagan, occult and "new age" groups that I hung out with.

Dangerous stuff!

You are misrepresenting a good god-loving religion. We worship the same bible you do. The Oxford Masonic bible has all the same books from Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, all the way to Revelations. I love Jesus and little children.   I like the Shrine hospitals and burn clinics and the Shrine circus that raises money to take care of God's children for free. The paper that you wrote is not a good or fair representation of the Masonic Religion.

P.S. George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, and Henry Ford all were good people and Masons - and so am I.  May Jesus forgive you for being so judgmental of things you don't understand.


I would like to thank Ex-Masons for Jesus. For letting a Christian man know the truth about freemasonry. I was about to join a lodge not knowing what I was getting in to. Your information has changed my mind. I have known people for years who have been in the lodge, who have never really told me anything about it. Your information has left me amazed of the secrecy of freemasonry. Now I know that this is not a true Christian organization that I had been hinted to believe. Thank you and God bless. Toby W.
Hello my unworthy brothers!

I have seen your Masonic Ritual on the net and I totally disagree with the content of the ritual. You have posted all of the passwords and other Masonic material that should not be posted.

You will be dealt with, believe me. This type of behavior is uncalled for and we will not tolerate our secretive information being published all over the world. You will be dealt with.


Hi.  My name is Manuel. I was initiated in the Masonic Lodge years ago. I never attempted to go higher then the third degree because ( I strongly believe that) the Holy Spirit was protecting me. I am not in good standing because I haven't been attending or paying dues. At an initiation I really felt strongly, that something was wrong with the phrase "a supreme being" (for the is devil higher than us, given the wrong perspective.) and I rejected further involvement, this is over 3 years now. Up until I found your site, I never understood what Jesus was telling me. I thankfully submitted to His prompting. I never saw any contradictions to the scriptures (I was young in Christ) and have answered questions of my involvement with a neutral position.

Now with a greater understanding of Christ I feel I must make a stand and inform those I know who have questioned me, and inform those who were my friends that have claimed to be Christians also of my new understanding of such involvement.

I thank Jesus for learned men who are willing to help those like me.


Dear sirs,

You truly are the epitome of everything that's bad in this world, you attempt to preach on a subject that you obviously know very little about and care even less about the damage you do on the way!

It would take more time than I am prepared to devote to writing to you to correct every mistake that you have on your page but in a nutshell and to try and remain polite your page is nothing but a load of rubbish (probably written by the very type of people that you claim to be trying to save), Freemasons do NOT need saving we DO NOT worship the devil.  Every man that is in Freemasonry chooses his own religion.  The only qualification for joining a lodge is that you believe in a supreme being, and to that end there are Muslims, Jews, Catholics, Protestants, Hindu's and many other religions in the many lodges around the world.

If you insist on pursuing this line of pretending to be saviors of the fallen then I suggest that you research Freemasonry slightly deeper.

Yours Faithfully,


Dear Brethren,

I am currently a junior warden in my lodge, and also a deacon in my church. I have really been pondering about masonry { should I really be apart of this? } I was searching the web for Bible verses when I came across this site. It has been about 6 1/2 hours now since I've been on it. I think that this is all I needed to confirm my resignation from the lodge. I have always felt that I was different than the other brothers. Thank you very much for helping me. I am definitely going to present the lodge with copies from all of your letters, hoping that I can help change someone else's mind.

Your brother in Christ,

Deacon David L.

Pro-Masonic Comment

I have read a number of pages from your website and just, simply, praise the Lord that you really have seen the Light!!! I pray that your ministry will reach many who, quite bluntly, are shackled in fear of leaving Masonry. Satan's hold on them has so many and varied miseries, that it would take volumes to tell of it all. So much pain is involved. We have never been Masons. But, years ago, we belonged to a church that had Masons as elders and Sunday School teachers. We objected to having Masons teach our little children. Many meetings ensued concerning the issue. Since that church concluded that having Masons in the church was the only way they could preach to them, our family left and joined a different church - thirty miles away. It seemed like the pastor was gripped in fear. The majority of the small, country congregation was Mason. Each retained his/her position in the church. They actually feel victorious to this day. I have never stopped feeling sad for each and every one of them, even though they still despise me for confronting their heresies. They avoid me like the plague. All this happened more than twenty years ago. I just pray that websites like yours will be able to lift the darkness from their lives. Some of the benefits of a website might include not feeling condemned by a personal family member. From what we think we experienced, close friends and family members caused a greater hardening of heart - probably because they did not want to admit their wrongdoing in the presence of valued friendships. Their embarrassment caused them to harden their stance, even though they might have come to doubt the teachings of Masonry. They cannot deal with their fears. Pride is often induced by fear. When they can read your website without someone seemingly judging them, they might be able to absorb the immense propensity and consequence of such practices. It might enable some to become more objective about the direction their lives are taking and give them the time to think about it. Then they can be strengthened to stand up for the truth, because they have had more time to sort out the confusions in their hearts and minds. May the mercies of God Almighty be glorified in Jesus Christ and the salvation that only He can give. You may never be aware of the many lives your website will affect. But that's okay. Just let it rest in the hands of the Lord. God counts differently than we do anyway. The Good Shepherd really knows those who are His and He will not let any of them perish. All the more reason to keep on praising His Holy Name and working hard to spread His truth - the truth that will judge each and every one of us in the end. 

Sincerely, Margaret

Pro-Masonic Comment
Hi Duane, 

I just wanted to let you know that I'm a Christian and I recently became a Mason but no longer consider myself one. I read your testimony and it really touched something in my heart. I was told about the Masons by a former boss that I had and it sounded good, but something about it didn't seem right. I had heard alot of things that opposed it, and it was so veiled in secrecy that I really had no idea what it was about. After awhile of being against it, I decided, without listening to God, that it was harmless and I recently became a Mason. Since I've been a Mason, something in the back of my mind has been telling me that certain things were just not right, and I know that that was God talking to me in my conscience. I wish I had not done that; it is one of the worst things that I have done, but I have decided not to be associated with it anymore and I've confessed my sin to God, and been forgiven. I wasn't a Mason anywhere near as long as you were, but I could relate to some of the things you talked about in your testimony. I guess the reason that I became a Mason was because I had a real need for fellowship that I didn't feel like I was getting with my fellow human beings, but I realize that I was rejecting the fellowship of God which has been there all along. Anyways, I just wanted to thank you for that testimony. 

God Bless you. 
Your brother in Christ, Jeff V.

Pro-Masonic Comment
Dear Duane,

I would like to thank you for the work you are doing on your web page. I believe it is of the Lord and He is using you to shed light on the secrecy surrounding the rituals of the Masons. My father and his father were both masons, as is my uncle and people who were my father's best friends. I became a born-again Christian at the age of 19 and met with much opposition from my father, some of it violent, much of it verbal. I don't know which of it hurt more. He went so far as to ask me to change my last name to something else. Well, he has a right to disown his kids; God has given him that: I will respect it and comply after over twenty years of thinking it over. I feel the Lord has given me a green light on this and has let me know that in no way am I being disrespectful to the father He gave me. My father told me to do it and I think he meant it. I feel released from my obligations to my earthly father and free to accept Jesus in his place.

I wanted to comment on the GAOTU: Jesus referred to Satan as "the Prince of this world" and the "prince of the power of the air". As a Christian I believe that Satan was once an anointed angel of god named Lucifer and fell from grace through pride and rebellion where he continues to this day. The Bible clearly makes distinctions between God and the world, especially in the books of John, and the world in the original Greek writings is "cosmos", which includes the universe as well as the earth. Thus, if the world is not of God, then it cannot have been designed of God. The Bible tells us that spiritual world system that has been set up by Satan consists of "principalities, powers, authorities of darkness, and spiritual wickedness in the high places". This last group has also been referred to as "wicked spirits in the heavenlies". What the Bible is telling us is that the fallen angel formerly known as Lucifer, now called Satan, the devil, and the wicked one obtained Adam's lease on this world and set up a kingdom of his own, based on his own designs, thus making him the GAOTU. He can legally call himself that because he obtained what was once God's gift to Adam and can design his kingdom, the "cosmos", or universe any way he wants to. Once Adam's lease is up, I believe this world and everything in it will be destroyed and the GAOTU will spend eternity in hell. Until then, we can be safe in knowing that Jesus has the keys to death and hell (as the book of Revelations tells us) and that through faith in Him we have a way out, but not one who the masons refer to as the GAOTU. It is sad to see so many masons duped into thinking that the GAOTU is the God who created the universe and gave it to Adam, instead of the devil who tricked Adam and Even into signing over the universe to him which gave him the right to reorder the world according to his own designs, making him the great architect of those designs.

Thank you Duane. My prayers are with you and all the ex-Masons who have come out of that empty religion and have embraced Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior. God bless you. 

Love in Christ, David M.
Pro-Masonic Commment
Thank you so much for this ministry!!! My grandfather was a 32nd degree Mason and it has wrecked havoc on our whole family re: health issues especially. I was saved 3 1/2 years ago, renounced any ties that were on me and my husband and children because of my grandfather's involvement in the Masons. Praise God the illnesses that affected us (lupus and epilepsy) have been healed with no further evidences of them. Unfortunately, the remainder of my family (grandmother, parents, sister and family, aunt & uncle, cousins & their families) remain blind to the evil nature of the organization and who they actually bow down to, and continue to have multiple chronic diseases and mental health problems. I know others who are involved in both the Masons and the Eastern Stars. I have a burden for these people and pray for those involved any time I see someone with the Masonic symbols on their vehicles and rings. I am sure that my grandfather is in hell because, at one point had been filled by the Holy Spirit, but later renounced Jesus as ever having lived. He had a full Masonic burial service, wore the white apron and his Masonic ring, and has the Masonic symbol etched on his headstone. Additionally, he left $10,000 toward the building fund of the local Masons so that they could build a temple in our small town. I feel obligated to reach those who are lost, so that no others end up eternally in hell. Thank you, again, for all you do!!! --T. Bartlett 
Pro-Masonic Comment
 I was recently considering joining a local lodge. I work in state law enforcement, and many of my fellow officers are lodge members. I decided to do a web search to see what I could find out about it, since my co-workers were reluctant to give me any details. I am a struggling christian anxiously awaiting our savior's return, and like an answered prayer, up came your site. There is no need to tell you what my answer was to my co-workers. Thank you ! Keep up the good work ! --Carl Pro-Masonic Comment

Christian Brother,

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