Leaving OES to follow Jesus

Maggie - November 1999


I delayed getting to the Order of the Eastern Star meeting until the last possible minute because our Worthy Matron had called and asked me to  be the Conductress - I told her I could not do that - so I wanted to give her time to get someone else to fill that station to replace the one who had chosen to attend Church service instead of OES. Fortunately, my plan worked because someone else filled that station.

I was friendly as usual to everyone when I went in - I had some hesitancy about entering the meeting room (chapter room) but I cannot believe how calmly I walked in and how peacefully calm I remained. I was supposed to be the Worthy Matron this year again but I had written and told them not to vote for me because I would not accept the office. I had held that office on three previous occasions. So I took Warder, which is the least office one can have.

Our Worthy Matron gave me the badge for that station and I refused to put it on. It is the badge with the dove within the upside down star - I could not wear it. She mentioned it several times and I said, "It's right here", holding it in my hand.

I had asked her before the meeting to let me have a few words. I waited until the very end - just prior to the closing - and stood up to speak.  Not a soul in that room knew what I was going to say. All eyes were on me. I started out by telling them how they had accepted me into their midst when we moved to this area about 14 years ago. We knew no one here; I had known one member previously and wrote to her. She invited me to a meeting and I went - it was several years before I went back. Because of illnesses in the family, I did not have time for OES then.

I told them I felt totally surrounded by prayer because people from as far away as Nevada were praying for me and for what I had to do.

I told them that I was coming to them in love. I told them I felt as one crying in the desert - the room was so quiet it was deafening. I went on to tell them the facts as I had learned them, which led me to the conclusion that a Christian cannot be involved in Freemasonry or any of its appendant organizations, and finished by saying I could no longer be associated with the Order of the Eastern Star. No one even breathed, I don't think.

When I finished I said, "I am leaving now and I leave you in love and with the hope you will seek this out for yourself. I wish for each of you the best and hope you do the same for me. If you want further information you can call me." With that, I picked up my bag and walked out, got in my car
and came home.

I cannot begin to tell you how relieved I was. I was sick last night - my throat was so inflamed and swollen - but you know what? God gave me just enough voice to finish and He gave me the words to say.  I did not read from the paper I had written ahead of time, because I was quietly emotional, and I wanted to speak from my heart, even though the paper contained my heartfelt thoughts.

It is unreal how secure, serene, and confident I was in doing what I did. I had a purpose and I accomplished it with the help of all of the members of Ex-Masons For Jesus who were with me in prayer, if not in person. My sister-in-law, her husband, my Bible Study Class, and others were also in prayer for me. God does wonderful things when we let Him.

I have this morning called two dear OES friends - one from my former chapter who had gone to Church last night and the other one a very dear friend from another chapter. I told them what I had done and how I had done it. I told them of the circle of prayer around me last night. They both agreed that nothing in the lectures was in agreement with the scripture - they knew it was wrong to add/subtract from God's word. They are now in deep thought.

One said she had promised two up-coming Worthy Matrons that she would help them and I said, "I do not believe you should let that stand in your way of doing what is best for you." I gave her the address of Dr. Cathy Burns so she could order the book, 'Hidden Secrets of the Eastern Star'.

I came home, had a nice hot cup of tea, went to bed sick as could be, and slept the sleep of a baby. I cannot tell you how much I felt had been lifted from my heart and soul. I was so excited.

Today, I have three other people I need to call before someone else calls and distorts what I said and did. I don't know many people outside of my chapter because I was a fringe member active in my local chapter only.

I cannot thank Ex-Masons for Jesus enough for helping me through this. I do not think I could have done it without knowing that others who had escaped the snare of Freemasonry were with me.  The encouragement you gave to a stranger made the difference.

I really am happy and so relieved.  But I am concerned for others. Why do people get involved in things of which they know so little?

Thank you and your group so very much.



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