What are the requirements

of becoming a Mason?


There are numerous pamphlets available from lodges which state the requirements for becoming a Mason. One of the primary requirements is that a man must believe in the existence of A Supreme Being. Furthermore, Freemasonry requires a Mason to believe that there is but one God. This belief is commonly called monotheism. Those who believe in the existence of A Supreme Being include Hindus, Moslems (Islam), Buddhists and Wiccans (witches). All are eligible for membership in the Masonic Lodge, as they meet the Masonic requirement that they believe in the existence of A Supreme Being.  Since pagans do not worship the God of the Bible, but rather demons, it is clear that Freemasonry does not differentiate between the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and the demon gods of pagan religions. When the facts are considered, it is obvious that Freemasonry requires its members to accept the demon god of the Hindu Mason as being a supreme being.  If that were not the case, the lodge would have to reject the pagan candidate for Masonry on the basis that he worshipped a demon.

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