How can YOU help?

Research is vital

A very important part of the work that is continuously being done by those of us involved in counter-cult ministries, such as Ex Masons For Jesus, is research.

You have no doubt concluded that the information presented on this website is based not only on personal knowledge and experience, but upon facts which are supported with authentic documentation.  The documented factual information we have gleaned over the years has primarily come from Masonic ritual books, monitors, etc. But there are additional publications, which we are finding to be more useful all the time in our endeavors of revealing the truth about the darkness of the lodge.

Critical mass is an expression which science applies to nuclear reactions.   A sustainable reaction cannot occur until a critical amount of fisionable material is brought into contact.  In a sense, the concept of critical mass can be applied to knowledge of hidden things.  Until documentation to clarify various parts of a hidden, or allegorical teaching, is available the deeper meaning is not as easily perceived.  For example, if you have read our article, Death, Burial, and Resurrection in the Lodge, you have already seen that a Masonic Bible, an officers manual, and a blue lodge handbook were very instrumental in revealing the deeper meaning of the Hiramic Legend, along with ritual and monitorial information.  Independently, they were of significantly less value.  When brought together, interaction was possible.

Further, we have found that most grand lodge jurisdictions issue what is usually known as a mentor's manual. Generally, these manuals are guides that are to be used as a means of "educating" new members. In the back of many of these manuals, can be found a list of recommended writings, such as Coil's Masonic Encyclopedia, The Builders, Mackey's Revised Encyclopedia of Freemasonry, etc. These mentor's manuals are a valuable source of information because they document which writings are considered credible by Grand Lodges.  Grand Lodges can't escape the endorsements which they have placed in print.

You can help

If there are any Masonic documents in your possession, we would like to see them put to use in witnessing to the body of Christ about the incompatibilities between Freemasonry and the Christian faith.

Some of you are former members of the Masonic Order who have come out of the darkness of the lodge after having the truth about Freemasonry revealed to you, perhaps due in part to our efforts on this website. Because you were at one time a Mason, there are probably grand lodge publications of various types that are in your possession. Others of you are people who have a burden in your heart for members of your family who were involved in Freemasonry, and you have now "inherited" such publications. In any case, if you are in possession of such materials, you can be of help to us in our efforts.

Would you please consider donating printed Masonic materials to us for our research libraries?  Of primary interest are materials which are published by, or distributed at the direction of, Grand Lodges.  If you would like to help us in this manner, the materials may be sent to:

Duane Washum, Director
Ex Masons For Jesus
Box 28702
Las Vegas, Nevada 89126

Receipt of the items sent to us will be acknowledged. If it is your desire to have them returned to you, please indicate so in an accompanying note, and the items will be handled accordingly.

Additionally, if you are a former Mason, if your Lord and Savior is Jesus Christ, and if you are desirous of becoming a part of an organization whose purpose and design is to be able to effectively witness to as many Masons as possible, we invite you to join us. It is our purpose to be able to provide as much assistance as possible in the various parts of the country. At present, we have members in Florida, New York, Missouri, Texas, Mississippi, Kentucky, Nevada, California, Indiana, Ohio, Georgia, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Virginia, Maryland, South Dakota, and even Canada and England. Our numbers are growing, almost daily. More and more men are coming out of the lodge all the time, and for this we praise the Lord. However, there are also many men who are being "hoodwinked" at this very moment; men who are being told the same lies that you and I are so familiar with. They need your help in understanding that there is indeed more to the "fraternity" than what is espoused on the surface. To become a very important part of our efforts, simply write to Thomas Hilton, at the address provided above, or send an e-mail to Duane Washum

In Ezekiel 33, we are urged to sound the trumpet as a warning to those who are in danger. With your help, the trumpet can be sounded even louder. Thank you, and God bless you.

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